Strategy first... always

Let's get strategic:

Brand strategy questionnaire

Brand personality discovery call to unearth your brands sparkling personality

2 x 60 minute creative strategy/brand coaching sessions 

Your Brand Foundation Bible - a document that outlines everything about your brand that you need to know... this is perfect  to give to your team, your copywriter, your web designer or your photographer so they can discover who you are and why you do it!

Your brand personality moodboard

Your new "best friends" (dream client) profile

Lifetime access to The Flamazing Brand Kickstarter Course

Let's get a bit extra:

6 months VIPP membership with
Pink Pom Pom Social - a social content library with over 35,000 branded images, quotes, videos, Instagram story templates and reel cover templates 

Insta grid pattern design
with recommended imagery

30 minute 1:1 Handover Call

2 x 1/2 hour calls to use at your leisure... whenever you're stuck or you just want to brainstorm new ideas

Are you ready for your brand to become the full flamingo? 
Let's get visual:

OOAK custom designed logo
(3 concepts)
plus 2 sets of revisions

Sub-logo and logomark

Unique brand pattern

2 pieces of branded collateral

Your choice of online banners

A set of brand illustrations/icons

6 branded social media templates

Brand Bestie Book with your all your collateral
and it's uses, your 
colour palette and breakdowns, photography and typography recommendations

The first thing most business owners think about when they start a business, launch a new service or course is getting a logo designed.

But if you're just after a pretty new logo... then I can’t help you #sorrynotsorry. Well if that's what you're wanting I am definitely not the girl for you! A flashy logo with no strategy is literally just a pretty picture and that's not what I want for my branding besties! I want soooo much more for you!!

Brand foundations are the link between your business strategy and your visual brand. Spending time working on the very inner workings of your brand means that brand consistency will be sooooo much easier, because when you know and adore your brand personality you can show up confidently as you – Every. Single. Time! 

Get this part right at the beginning, and the visual identity that follows will work with the foundations hand in hand to create that strong and memorable flamingo brand you need!! Working hand in hand the strategy and identity will make you stand out like that flamingo does and gives you a competitive edge you need in the sea of online seagull businesses! It will give you confidence! It will make you proud! It will spark joy! And yes: it will attract those dream clients!

Branding is an investment that will change the way you
(and your customers) will view your business and you will remember this as the time you realised that you are enough!

I've said it before and I'll say it again I want to EMPOWER you with a brand you 100% totally ADORE! I want it to support your brand vision well into the future and I want you to be proud to show it off!!!

The Full Flamingo

welcome to

Strategy + design =
a brand transformation that will help your business fly to the heights you know it's capable of!!

Why are your brand foundations so important? 

So I guess you're not surprised to know that my branding process is a little different from many others! 

because you're not a cookie... and neither am i!!

Rather than the more traditional pre defined package I choose to work "with" my clients to create very personalised branding experience! You deserve it!!

We chat via zoom multiple times, discover that fabulous brand personality together, and then I get inside your head to create foundations that are perfectly targeted to your brand and your besties. Oh, and we have fun along the way... of course!! 

So what do you actually get?

Well you all know I'm a bit extra... and that is in The Full Flamingo too!

This is a bespoke experience completely customised to what you need for your business!…

But isn't that too extravagant?

I want your brand design experience to feel extravagant – it's a big step uplevelling your business and I want it to feel special for you!

But at the same time I don’t want to overwhelm you with lots of extra ‘stuff’ you just don’t need!!. 30+ years of experience has taught me what you need for a stand out brand, and that's where we start!! And then if you need more, we’ll add more!

your bespoke Full flamingo branding experience  



Oh my gosh I am over  the moon with what you have put together. I love the colours, logos  and you truly have captured what I do and stand for which to be honest most people don't.

Michelle Pascoe

A small selection of brands I have had the privilege of working with

Yep!! That's me!! Totally addicted to cats, colour, flamingos, coffee, champagne, candles, motivational quotes, positivity, reading and JOY!!

Champagne drinking,
coffee addicted,
colourful, crazy cat lady

Hi, I'm Jen! 

I live in beautiful Sydney, Australia along with my other Pom Pom People. My fabulous bag piping husband and my perfectly imperfect university student daughter and her partner... and our crazy fur family of cats!

But another great passion of mine is what I do!! I’m a brand coach and stylist, socials stylist and illustrator with over 30 years experience in the industry... yes I was doing this BEFORE computers when it was all created by imagination and hand!

Yvette Mayer - The Lit Up and Liberated Entreprenuer 

She took my brief and came back to me with more concepts than I expected... but honestly, she nailed it on her first attempt. It absolutely feels like more than a brand refresh to me, and that’s because it is.

I waited until my business was well over 6 figures to invest in branding. So when I took the big step of calling in the professionals, I chose to go all the way.

Working with Jen has been a dream from start to finish. 

Merrenna French - Beneficial change

So love my branding & logo - Its like you have just "Got ME" and what was trying to say and show to the world.

I especially loved the "magic" details - ie There is what you first see and then the detail behind that - like magic and the meaning that is so accurately represented

 Thank you so much and I love how you detailed how it can be so practically used

thank you thank you thank you

Joy Signoretti - wootivity

You didn’t just bring my brand to life, you brought my feelings to life!! You created what I want to give to others!

I love you so much, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Oh god it’s everything I could have hoped for!​ You literally turned my self love into something I can see, something I can touch!

Jen it’s amazing! It's incredible! It’s everything!

kind words

Ready to spread your wings and rewrite your fairytale?

I've got the magic your biz needs so are you...