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I have been working as a coach for 2 years without an “official” name or brand, it’s been incredible but is very limiting to growth. 

I knew if I wanted to go next level I needed to create the space to do it, but also learn more about branding and connect with how I wanted to be seen. 
Honestly, I needed help.

I watched the free Masterclass and I was SOLD!! Jen has so much passion, I loved her energy, her vibe and knew she would be the one to help me.
Over the course I learnt so much, I loved the group and being able to get feedback on my work. I actually have a brand!!! 👏🏻🖤 I feel great about what I have created and so much more confident when asked the question “what do you do” 

Emelly - The cosmetic industry coach

I feel amazing and fancy AF 😂

From past flamazers

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I decided to invest in the course because I knew if I wanted to take my biz seriously and BE taken seriously, I needed a strong foundation and a clear voice that was uniquely me, and I thought Jen could deliver that. 

Boy did she, and then some! I not only discovered my archetype, I was able to get clearer across a few foundational steps; my 'why', my biz bestie, my voice and tone and more.

But I also have gained a cheerleader injection and my fellow Flamazing ladies. With Jen, I felt heard and any questions or blocks I had were never silly or dismissed.

I am surprised how uplifting and empowering the experience has been for me and I know Jen is genuinely there not just during but after the course to see us and cheer us on. Truly a flamazing experience. Xx

A brilliant branding course the really does set your foundation up to get off to the best start

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Jen, thank you so much for your flamazing course. I can’t tell you how much I got out of it! From putting stickers onto my wall behind me, to being so clear on who my bestie is or my dream client, to the vision and the mission and the purpose and how I help.

Learning all of those things has helped me to the next level in my business. I had a rebrand with my logo and my colors, but still wasn’t a hundred percent sure on who I was and who I was serving and what I was doing and everything and now I am!

I have learned so much, but also gained some new friends and some new business buddies and the community as well is amazing and the support  in the group is so good.

You’ve given me so much clarity on my brand and I’m so grateful!

From past flamazers

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jess soto-ramirez - womens empowerment coach

I feel so grateful to have had her eyes on my business and brand coz the value, guidance, expertise and love that she offers in her program is next to none. Jen is so unique in the way she really offers her time to see you grow and help you get clear on what you need.

The community of like minded biz women is a beautiful, nurturing and supportive space to learn together and help each other. I especially loved learning about the brand personalities - it really sealed the deal for me. It gave me a sense of empowerment, strength and deep understanding of what my brand is - it felt like permission to really embrace what I was already feeling inside... you could say I felt seen and understood. Absolute game changer!!

The fact that I can continue to be part of this program, means I have somewhere to refresh what I've learned and make sure it continues to be flamazing!!

Jen is the branding SUPERSTAR! 

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jodi heermann - eclectic expressions by jodi

I decided to invest in the Flamazing Brand Kickstarter Course because I wanted a boost for my business. Jen led us through the Brand Personality Quiz which helped to identify our brand personality and work from there to bring our brand to life.

Finding out my Brand Personality – Creator – was an ah-ha moment. I felt very comfortable with Jen and the women in the course and looked forward to the weekly group Zoom. A couple of the women even shared their expertise as a part of the course. Flamazing confirmed to me that women, no matter what stage they are in their business or where they are from, always support each other. Thank you, Jen, for always making me feel supported. 

Thank you, Jen, for always making me feel supported.

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christina - her career coach

From past flamazers

I LOVED the Flamazing Brand Workshop. Jen simplifies branding and takes you on a journey; she is very engaging. I loved learning more about your ‘bestie’ and the brand archetypes and how they influence your branding, and how to apply it all practically.

I loved connecting with the group and learning from each other as we went through the exercises together. I highly recommend taking the Flamazing Brand Workshop. It’s fun, educational and it has set me up for success.

Jen simplifies branding and takes you on a journey!

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JenBe is a flamazing coach!! Jen’s love of flamingos and excitement for branding kept me engaged.

My husband didn’t think I’d follow through and didn’t want me to spend the money. I’m so glad I did! I have learned so much!!

She helped me to understand myself and my business so I could be more productive with my customers which led to increased sales. Jen is the best flamingo I know and would recommend her to everyone!

Everyone works together to support each other.

From past flamazers

kind words

That, let me tell you, is the kind of feedback that fills my soul with pure, unfiltered joy!

Because I am the Queen Flamingo among Flamingo Royalty!

But why should you listen to me?

Though seriously I've been in the branding game for over three decades - that's right, since before the age of digital doodads and gadgets! (Believe it or not, I knew I wanted to do this when I was just 10 years old!) Back in the day, it was all about crafting things by hand and letting your imagination run wild!

Over the years, I've honed my skills in various settings – from big-shot advertising agencies to intimate design studios, working with heavy hitters like Commonwealth Bank, Swarovski, Kimberly Clark, Citibank, the RTA and Woolworths, just to name a few!

Now, through The Flamazing Brand Kickstarter Course, my mission is to empower female entrepreneurs to not only stand out like a flamingo in the flock of seagulls but also to create powerful experiences that ignite reactions from those that have worked with me in the course, like: “you have changed my life” and “finally, you’ve given me a voice.”


To allow every woman to have the knowledge to create a beautiful brand that will empower us to craft a business that will become a flamingo in a flock of seagulls and allow us to stand on our own two feet if life isn’t the fairytale we planned when we were little!

I want to help you write your 
very own fairytale!

Because if I can anyone can!

Surviving a divorce in 2004 and facing redundancy in 2020 gave me a blend of resilience and branding expertise that's, well, one-of-a-kind! These challenges fueled my drive to empower other women to achieve - dare I say it? - whatever the heck sets their soul on fire! That's how I pivoted into strategic brand coaching, and let me tell you, I've never felt more alive!

The joy I feel when I see other fabulous women soar in their businesses? Unbeatable. And guess what? I'm beyond thrilled to be a part of your journey to new heights! 

my mission

Haha and that’s why you’re here, right? This course was developed around my Flamazing framework specifically to help female small business owners discover their brands sparkling personality and build strong foundations – with no previous experience needed. One thing I want you to remember!! I might be the brand coach but YOU are the expert on your brand!

I don't know a thing about brand foundations!


I totally get it and I will never ever pretend to know anything about your financial situation nor encourage you to spend money you don't have!

If signing up to this programme means you will struggle then this is simply not the right time for you at the moment! This is why I have a payment plan to make it accessible for you to achieve your brand dream!

I really need this but I just can't afford it right now!


This is for you if you are in your first few years of business and you're ready to take your business seriously. Your brand foundations are the building blocks for all your other business decisions. If you're ready to pull it all together then this course is for you!

What sort of business is this for?


In case you're wondering...

your questions answered

You go deep inside your brand and discover it's inner core! It's true essence! You will gain clarity and confidence in who your brand is. Your personality, your voice, your why, your story, your values, your mission, your bestie!

You'll discover your colours, your typography, your image style. 

And we bring it all together into our Brand bestie book! And that will become the bible for you and your brand!!

What do I get out of this course?


The course should only take a couple of hours each week! But you do need implementation time too... BUT you have lifetime access to the course content so don't stress!!

And if you can't keep up with the calls the call recordings will be available! I get that sometimes life does get in the way and it happens to all of us (Yep me too!!) 

What happens if I can't keep up with the calls and the modules?


The first thing most business owners think about when they start a business, launch a new service or course is getting a logo designed. Let’s be clear.

Your brand is not your logo.

Creating a brand includes deep diving in to understand, and become at ease with, your business’s personality, story, voice, dream client and vision and soooooo much more - that's what sells!

A logo is a tool that you use to visually represent your brand. Without a brand a logo is meaningless Sorry! #sorrynotsorry

I have a logo so I have a brand! Isn't that how it works?


People do not buy goods or services.
They buy relations, stories and magic. 

Seth Godin



"This course changed my life!"

jo draper -

"I love my brand now! It’s the first time that it has been totally ME!"