I will become your “branding bestie” and your cheerleader and together we will work to craft a brand brings you joy and that you absolutely adore!! As will your audience!!

Say hi to your branding cheerleader! 

I will become your “branding bestie” and your cheerleader and together we will work to craft a brand brings you joy and that you absolutely adore!! As will your audience!!

Having built many a business over the years I know how much business owners battle understanding how to brand their businesses (Um what is a brand anyways?) and I am here to help you elevate your business to become a flamingo in a flock of seagulls by weaving strategy & design together to create magic! 

I have worked in advertising agencies, design studios and corporate - both big and small on clients such as Commonwealth Bank, Kimberly Clark, O'Brien Glass, Swarovski, Citibank, RTA and Woolworths. 

After being made redundant in 2020 this unique blend of experience, along with my passion for empowering women to achieve whatever the heck they want, led me to start strategic brand coaching and I have totally found the thing that sparks joy for me! Because remember girls!! You’re never too old and it’s never too late to start another adventure!!

​And that is why I choose to work with female owned small businesses on joyous and vibrant brands.

I am also the founder of Pink Pom Pom Social, a social content library for brands with big personalities (funny that!!) that helps hundreds of women create a stunning social presence for their brands!


  • You feel like you're not being recognised or remembered?

  • You're lost in all the online squawking? 

  • You dread posting on social media and break out in a cold sweat?
  • You’re mortified directing people to your online presence because you’re a professional but your socials/branding make you look like an amateur?

  • You feel like your hed might explode if you don't find someone to help pull them it together!

Are you ready to rewrite your story?

Sound familiar?

So let’s pop those bubbles and have some fun together! 

I can help your brand to sparkle with a simple step-by-step process - one which is specially customised to speak to your ideal customer and have them lining up to work with you. 

Great news, flaminglets!

Just imagine... 

Waking up every day knowing your brand is constantly calling out to your ideal customer and they are lining up to work with you!
I become your “branding bestie” and your cheerleader and together we work to craft a brand you absolutely adore!! And so will your audience!!

Am I a business coach? Nooooo BUT I have been working in the industry for a loooonnnng time, created a lot of magic and know exactly what needs to happen to make your dreams come true!

We will dive into the foundations of your brand to bring all those wonderful, exciting ideas to life whilst you receive my honest feedback and pick my brain to assist in helping you create the drop dead gorgeous brand you’ve always wanted!

I am absolutely passionate about helping women grow a business that will allow them to be self sufficient! That's why I have varied packages from start-ups through to those that have been in business a bit longer and want to level up!

Oh and fun!! We have lots fun! Because I like nothing better than a good laugh with my besties!

In community over competition

Kind people are my kinda people

You were born to stand out

In being myself with my whole heart

Change is scary but so is staying the same!

You don't have to be perfect to be flamazing

You're never too old and it's never too late to set a new goal or dream a new dream!

There is nothing I love better than helping women craft a brand that will allow them to stand tall if life isn't that fairy tale we all hoped it would be!!

My passion (and biz) is fuelled by my desire to help women succeed in business!

It's not just champagne, cats and flamingos that excite me!!

my business values

I believe...

My girl Chelsea!

Who has my heart, forever


My cheeky furry kids!

What brings me joy


my favourite things

Palm Springs baby!

Fav place in the world


My fabulous

Biggest supporter


Yep we got married in Vegas... by Elvis... as you do!

Help women biz owners flyand bring joy back into their biz

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Lucy - Bloom by Belmonili

 This wasn't just surface "post more often" kind of advice either, it was personal, detailed suggestions with examples and rationale. As if that wasn't enough, after our call Jen sent me a PDF with a clear list of action steps and a recording of our call. If you are reading this, stop what you are doing and get on Jen's schedule NOW!"

I was lucky enough to have a Flamingrow Call with Jen, and WOW was it amazing. Jen and I clicked instantly (I felt like I was talking to a long lost friend!), and she was able to give me immediate, actionable steps to improve my social feeds.

Jenny - Rawfully Good Blends

Because I was so pleased with everything and I trusted Jen, I then also asked Jen to design my packaging. I tried to do it to save money, however, if you want your brand to look professional, and to attract your people, l really believe you need a professional. And boy did Jen deliver!
I fell in love with my business and brand all over again. She perfectly captured the feel of my brand, my brand style and the magic of my brand. The first reveal made me want to cry I was so happy! She totally nailed it!

Jen is a warm, fun, and bright personality who is so easy to work with! She is your brand’s best friend! Jen delivered on everything I wanted plus more, and I am incredibly happy with how everything has turned out.

kind words

Coz I've got the magic that will make this happen!

Ready to become that flamingo in a flock of seagulls?